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Platform notes


If you're running on Linux, you must ensure that:

  • vm.max_map_count is greater or equals to 262144
  • fs.file-max is greater or equals to 65536
  • the user running SonarQube can open at least 65536 file descriptors

You can see the values with the following commands :

sysctl vm.max_map_count
sysctl fs.file-max
ulimit -n

You can set them dynamically for the current session by running  the following commands as root:

sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
sysctl -w fs.file-max=65536
ulimit -n 65536


(warning) To set these values more permanently, you must update either /etc/sysctl.d/99-sonarqube.conf (or /etc/sysctl.conf as you wish) to reflect these values.

If the user running SonarQube (sonarqube in this example) does not have the permission to have at least 65536 open descriptors, you must insert this line in /etc/limits.d/99-sonarqube.conf (or /etc/limits.conf as you wish) :

sonarqube   -   nofile   65536

You can get more detail in the Elasticsearch documentation.

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